Optus to release Voice over DSL services

Optus will launch a wholesale "Voice over DSL" service next month through its business-grade DSL subsidiary XYZed. VoDSL technology will allow Optus to offer multiple virtual phone lines on one DSL service, initially aimed at small businesses but later, the residential market.The VoDSL service will at first be sold through its 10 service provider customers, including AAPT and Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications, though Optus will launch a retail version by the end of this year.The new Optus service will be Voice over ATM rather than Voice over IP, which Optus domestic wholesale chief David Rampa said would provide a more stable service. "This means voice is in the network, rather than at the customer equipment end." Read the full story at ITNews.

Email snooping bill knocked down

THE Senate has rejected a Howard Government plan to allow government agencies to snoop on email, SMS and voice mail messages.
Read the full story at Australian IT news.











GamesSpy and KaZaA infected by viruses

Nimda has found its way onto online gaming site GameSpy.com. Meanwhile KaZaA users became exposed to a virus called Backdoor.K0wbot.1.3.B. The virus, which includes a remote control backdoor component controlled by Internet Relay Chat, is the second virus to infect the popular file sharing network in recent weeks. Read the full story at The Register USA.

What is my relationship to a bank?

As you may have guessed from all the fine print, you have a contractual relationship with your bank. A contract is an agreement that is legally binding and therefore enforceable under the law. Of course there are many different types of bank accounts, and therefore different types of contractual relationships. Full Story at Ninemsn.

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