Excelerate Computer Services provides tailored computer solutions and contracts to suit your specific needs. We preffer to have the question asked before it is answered, so we discuss your needs before talking about money, because as in any field in life, you only get what you pay for.

We have base rates per hour which are as such:

SOHO: Home & Small Office consulting is $55 per hour.

CORP: Large and Corporate consulting is $88 per hour.          (Prices are inclusive of GST).

Travelling time may be taken into account depending upon location.

Maintaince contracts are avaiable and prices vary depending upon what and how many machines are required for service, the hours the contract is required for (up to 24 hours a day), what kind of response time is required (or deemed necessary). Phone support (again up to 24 hours a day) is also available as part of a maintaince package or purchased individually.

It is best to discuss your requirements for a service contract based upon assesments at both ends of the contract, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

We also sell custom made PC systems and peripherals so if you are in need of anything computer related please drop us a line. Currently you will need email us or phone us for parts pricing.















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